Free Kierstin!

My Child Was Stolen At Birth On February 26, 2000


The State of New York

Orange County

Department of Social Services

I am Kierstin's Dad, Roberts Trumble Skinner, Jr., Middletown, NY, cabbie. Most people call me Bobby. I have two daughters. One I see and care for regularly, as a father should, despite my wife and I being legally separated nearly 7 years, and have done so since she was born 10 years ago. My youngest daughter I have never seen, held, hugged, fed, put to bed, played with, or even seen a picture of, because a social worker with the Orange County, NY, Department of Social Services took Kierstin without my knowledge or consent, against both federal and state law governing such matters, and placed her in a foster-to-adopt home just days after she was born and 6 weeks before anyone bothered to let me know that Kierstin existed. Please call the Department at  (914) 291-2800 and let them know that it is way past time to let Kierstin and her family be together.

I have put together an annotated time line of events as I understand them to be, starting with my relationship with Kierstin's mother up until now. If there are any errors in the time line or my personal annotations, the fault is mine, but they are not intentional. I have recreated this time line from my memory and from reviewing court documents and from talking to other actors in the events mentioned. Where appropriate, I have linked in documents from the various proceedings. I want you to know that while I am not a perfect person, that I have certain problems, known medically as cognivitive disabilities, which manifest themselves in such things as functional illiteracy, I love my daughters, and I have the ability to take care of them. Judges in Family Court have even said so. I want Kierstin in my life, I want to be in her life. Help me to make it so. Please.

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